5 Reasons Why Youth Sports Has Become Too Competitive

I am able to speak from experience. I discovered how to network and developed friendships, through enjoying youth sports. I learned about hard work and the price associated with pursuing a target. I learned all about the advantages of working with others towards a specified target and teamwork. Additionally, I learned about leading by example; allowing your activities say everything you need to say. Some of the most significant things I discovered was how to fight; how you can impose your will on another person and win conflicts. That ability comes in useful, especially as an adult. I imagine the point that I am attempting to share is that a lot life skills which are important in the growth of children are taught by youth sports. However, when youth sports becomes larger than children learning life skills to help with their development, I believe the fanciful line has been crossed.


There are a few reasons why youth sports are getting to be larger compared to kids participating in them…

1. Coaches with Ulterior Motives

2. Parents with Ulterior Motives

3. Cash

Money isn’t too far behind when there’s media coverage. There is certainly a lot of cash in youth sports, and I’m-not even talking about illegal money that comes from the thousands of games which are being gambled on every Saturday. Business organizations and sponsors are finding new, c Reative methods to manipulate youth sports and drain good exposure out of it and every one of the cash that they can. In a feeling, specialist sports and youth sports are becoming very similar, and shortly they might become mirror pictures of each other.

4. Media

Media shifts every youth and sector sports is no different. More media protection indicates more publicity, added (unneeded) strain, and more at-stake. I am not even sure if it is healthy for kids to be covered by the media therefore heavily so early within their lives. Kids don’t even have to wait ti l they truly are old to be famed. There’s nothing left to say.

5. Professional Sports

The biggest reason why youth sports is becoming overly competitive is sports sector and the professional athlete. Kids are still impressionable and sportsmen are still their role-models; they believe they desire to be just like them, not understanding that what they want to be like is merely an image built by a team of publicist and entrepreneurs. The wages that professional athletes get doesn’t help possibly. Children view sports as a fast means to become famous, rich, and honored at an early age. Consider it, chefs are not on TV every Sunday;

proffesional sports

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