Leading 2 Game Application On IOS As well as Android Using Crossbows

Leading 2 Game Application On IOS As well as Android Using Crossbows


The leading two game applications on iOS and also android that utilize a weapon are Protector II and Fire the Zombirds. These 2 video games both normally fall under the Tower Protection kind category of video games.


Protector II by Droidhen is the sequel to the successfully Defender. The major purpose of the game is to protect your castle from waves and waves of adversaries. To strike, you just touch and also aim it to the instructions of your sims_gratuittargets. It will immediately shoot when your finger is pressed so no should touch constantly. In addition to it, you will additionally access to spells which could decimate your opponents. When opponents reach your castle, the castle’s life is decreased. The game mores than when it reaches zero.

Each degree increases in difficulty and the variety of enemies to safeguard from. Some levels have managers which will show to be an additional obstacle. Just like its precursor, you will certainly acquire crystals and also coins after each degree finished. These will certainly enable you to update your weapon. You could upgrade its various statistics. Boosting strength will certainly enhance your damage. Boosting agility will certainly raise arrow frequency. By opening likewise these statistics, you will certainly access to more skills and sorts of crossbow too. Updating the mana tower will increase your mana for spells and it now likewise shoots your enemies.


New to this version too is the capability to release a lava moat before your castle. The lava moat will certainly blaze and also lantern all those opponents which dropped to it. The biggest addition to Defender II is Fight setting. 140522-tech-oculus-rift_db98d4409d7f47f6fd17ae0429523978Currently you can challenge various other players to whoever endures the lengthiest. Protector II is readily available complimentary on iphone and also Android with options to buy virtual currency to upgrade your abilities and tool.

Shoot the Zombirds by IDream is the follower to Fire the birds. The  sims freeplay astuce entails you as Pumpkin head or boy shooting the undead birds in the sky and conserving little pumpkids along the road. You tap to the direction where you will fire.


Unlike Defender II which does not run out of arrows, this video game does. It compels you to focus more on accuracy and also timing instead of simply careless capturing. You will not shed an arrowhead when you struck a target yet will be shed when you miss out on. The level mores than when you get to the variety of pumpkids you could manage to shed.

There are quickly and also slow down birds. In addition to birds carrying pumpkids, there are flying heads which you could pinch hit gold coins. These gold coins can be made use of to acquire upgrades such as once usage powerups such rain of arrows or cold all adversaries on screen. You could use them likewise to enhance the quantity of arrows and the number of pumpkids you could manage to shed. Outfits are likewise readily available to be bought if you wish to alter the appearance of your character.

Overall, Shoot the zombirds is another solid video game. The major appeal of it would be its simple sleek gameplay and also presentation. Its style is distinct and also changes from the old usual knights and also dragons. This video game is also readily available cost-free on both iOS as well as Android with choices to buy instant gold coins.

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