Swing in the New Year with Vigour at Bangalore

This New Year promises many exciting things but have you planned on where you will begin it? Take a look at some promising places in Bangalore and check with your friends. You might find the perfect place if you start looking now.

  1. 31st December New Year Party tour to Goa

Start date: Fri 30 December 11:00 AM

Finish date: Mon 2 January 2017

Place: Naked Space, Goa

Organized by Voyage Lust

Price: Rs9999 onwards

This 3-night event has unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks along with food. You get Breakfast and Dinner complements during the hotel stay.  On the 31st, you have the DJ Masquerade party. Begin by checking in at the hotel on 30th December morning. Get your breakfast and walk around the place. One of the best New Year Parties, the action begins the next day so you have plenty of time to get ready for the big night. On January 2, after the party, have breakfast and pack your bags.

  1. New Year 2017 Campfest

Sat 31 December 2016 3:30 PM – Sun 1 January 2017 7:00 PM

Organized by Gutsy tribe

Place: Chitradurga Rs 2900 onwards

Hosted near the waterside, the charming lanterns of the fest reflect off the waters as you usher in the New Year. You have plenty of water sports at the hatke Open Air Camping Fest. Along with DJ and Fairy lantern fest, you have camping and adventure water sports.

You have 3-4 pickup points in Bangalore (to be announced shortly). You get to and fro transportation to the camp site. Buy your tickets for more information. This is an open to all event. People can bring their own transport vehicle.

  1. SIA New Year Blast 2017 Bangalore

Sat 31 December 2016 7:00 PM

Organized by SIA Entertainments

This is a party all night celebration. Dance is on the cards and the details of the event are eagerly awaited. Here you can pay more for getting the best seats in the house.

For details call us at 8884285111

Rocking music by renowned DJs, good food, and a fun-loving crowd mark the atmosphere almost everywhere in Bangalore.

  1. Sutra – The Lalit Ashok Bangalore

Party time at the Sutra is enjoyable due to the variety one has in music. You can witness three different types of music played by three DJs. The other highlight is the unlimited beverages to go with a wide variety of food. You have to pay for the food but you win assured gifts worth Rs2000.00. The dance floor has flashy lights to add to the excitement.

  1. Tap water – The Gastro Pub

Singles who look for an exciting place to open their account in the New Year will find Tapwater to their liking. Couples can make their presence felt with unlimited booze and aperitifs. Youngsters will relish the place on Brigade Road for the free biryani and beer.

  1. Royal Orchid Hotel

This is a great gourmet hotel that promises good food and a special treat for the lazy ones. If you are the type who cannot travel after food, then you can get a place to sleep at this hotel. It caters to both couples and families. They serve unlimited beverages along with their selection of gourmet food. You can wake up to a New Year Brunch and Gala.

  1. Keys Hotel, Whitefield

The Royal Ball is the New Year event everyone looks forward to. The price for each person is Rs800 for which you get food and beverages. They cater to stags, singles, couples, and families with children. So, if you do not want to splurge but need a quiet place, maybe you should opt for this one.

Make up your mind and get your tickets for one of the best New Year Parties in Bangalore for as they say, time is running out. The New Year waits at the threshold of the place you have chosen and well… Have a Great New Year!

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